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Dog Grooming/Self Wash

The Pet Works has 2 locations with Grooming or Self Wash Tubs!

Dog Wash

Astoria Self Wash

Astoria's Self wash is $15 and it includes shampoo, towels, blow dryers and a leash to buckle up your pup while they wash.  

astoria wash.jpg

Olympia Grooming or Self Wash

Olympia Pet Works has an extremely popular dog groomer!  Usually booked out 1.5 months in advance.  Call us here to get on the schedule! 

Olympia Pet Works is home to Self Service Grooming! 


Includes Bathtub, safe effective shampoo, towels, blow dryers and a leash to clip your pup in! 

Nail Trimming: $10  Open Thursday-Sunday until 3.  

*pro tip, if you plan on doing both, you'll want to do the nails before the bath!

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